Black Beauty Entrepreneur Helping Men Learn Self-Care – Health Talk Online

following a bad experience at salons After a bad experience in a salon, the guy in the video decided to give back to other men by creating his own salon together with his wife. His goal was for men to be well taken care of as well as to have a break from the daily grind. The video shows that ABC7 Chicago decided to investigate more to find out what the latest business model was as well as how it affects the mental health of males.

“We recognize the need for survival, but our belief is that we don’t need a lot of care,” they claimed.

According to the owner, African-American men often find themselves in stressful situations that require for them to figure out a way to escape. The owner believes that the mental health of men lies in their self-worth and having the capacity to be in a position to feel looked after. Self-care, in this sense, is a form of indulgence that helps men invest into their health.

He and his wife made it their mission to build an environment where guys can have just that and be loved and respected.

Leaning from this, more Black owned spas may be able to try this concept, which will improve life for many more! uc4bye49sj.