Health and Wellness Tips for the Workplace – Healthy Huntington

Maintain positive attitude in your minds. Your staff can understand the importance of surveys to establish the way your business can implement their employee recognition and awards programme.
Be sure to wash your hands regularly and sanitize the area you work in.

Prior to and following each shift, clean your keyboard and mouse as well as any surfaces or items you may come in contact with. Always wipe a surface down thoroughly, including any corners and gaps for complete cleaning. Washing your hands thoroughly for minimum 20 seconds using soap and water , as well as regularly cleansing are essential guidelines for health and wellbeing in at-work. Particularly important is washing your hands following contact with equipment, items, or even other individuals. If you’re unable to clean your hands frequently and you are to contact with common surfaces like chairs and tables, you can use hand soap. Make sure you use an alcohol-based soap with at least 60 percent alcohol percentage.

Stay Away

It’s crucial to avoid body contact with people who are a part of the pandemic. This is especially true for those with signs of a viral infection. They might have other infectious diseases even if they do not possess COVID-19. To remind you to be polite, greetings from a professional are not necessary in workplaces. Maintain at least six feet distance between yourself and those around you when necessary. Consider joining meetings remotely from the office.

Always make sure to cover your mouth whenever You Cough or Sneeze.

The ideal way to cough or sneeze is by placing your arm out to your face. This helps reduce the possibility of microbes and germs entering into doorsknobs, keyboards or other areas which are often touched. Make use of your hands if you do not have tissues, but make sure to wash it thoroughly with hand sanitizer immediately. You can cover your mouth by a cloth if you are experiencing a cough.