How to Find and Create the Most Engaging Free Images for Blogs and Websites

Graphic design used to mean the way a website looked, but now it has become an art form in its own right. Designers are now responsible for creating not just the look of the site, but the navigation, the emotional feel of it and the high-quality images it contains. There is no better example of the innovative partnership between design and blogging than the infographic.

Essentially a combination of both visually stimulating design and informative text, an infographic is just one of the many free images for blogs you can utilize to increase your visibility on the web. No one’s going to click on a site devoid of photos because it almost implies a lack of personality altogether. These four facts can show why obtaining and creating free images for blogs can push your site into the spotlight.

Images elicit intrinsic responses.

When a user first visits a webpage, their attention is likely to be drawn toward images first and written words second. This is why infographics can play such a huge role in engaging readers, as they seamlessly blend the striking qualities of images with the information of regular text. Designing colorful and informative infographics for blogs and websites switch on readers’ interest levels, making them more receptive to the data they’re being presented.

Infographics actually provide an invaluable service.

Finding free images for blogs should be your first priority when it comes to making your pages as user-friendly as you can. Presently, there are over 13 million search results for the term “infographic” via Google, and projections estimated this tool first became popular in 2009 and will keep climbing in popularity in the future. At their most basic level, infographics allow both left- and right-brained users the opportunity to take in a particular set of data in an interesting and engaging way.

High-quality photographs make your work memorable.

You might be writing the most innovative, engaging, informative and hilarious prose on the web, but it’ll all be for nothing if you can’t hook readers with a good image up front. Of course, copyright issues lurk around every corner when you search for high-resolution, creative images. One of the best ways to find free images for blogs online is to opt for a stock image database that offers a wide range of work you can use, royalty-free.

Statistics prove that images win over text alone.

Look at any website you read frequently. Chances are, they’d never post a new story without some kind of image to go along with it, especially if it’s a long piece. BuzzFeed has even made an entire fortune relying almost exclusively on images, GIFs and memes that can be digested in only a minute or so. About 40 percent of web users respond better to blog photos over text alone, so always make catering to your audience a number-one priority.