Step by Step Guide to Chinking a Log Home – Source and Resource

ng. The YouTube video “Chinking a Log Home Instructional How-to” gives a step-by step guide to chinking an log cabin to seal.

First, you need to scrub the surface. It is necessary to use a rack tool for this. Following that, it is time to fit the grip of the strip. For this, it is necessary using a grip tape as well as a sharp knife. Be sure to cut in an angle. Cut the piece to fit perfectly. It is helpful to take the cut at one end from the other side. While you are cutting, make adjustments to the work according to.

After that, you’ll have to apply a chink on using a cabin caulking strip. This is a non-necessary step, you’ll need staples or a staple gun. After gluing your grip strips, you must hold the grip strips to the ground. Make sure the grip strips are straight in the vertical direction and not leaning out. If pins pull the grip strip, make use of the sharp edge of a knife to trim. Next, you need to load chinking gum. It is necessary to have the bucket along with some chinking gum for this task. You will need a Chink Pump that pumps the gum out of the bucket and sends it through the hose, ready for use.