The Basics of Water Well Drilling – Rad Center

onnected to water lines provided from the city, you will need the installation of a water well. Drilling water wells is a meticulous process, not just digging a deep pit in the ground. This video explains the methods for properly drilling an appropriate water well to the home.

The companies who drill wells have a big rig, which is equipped with a long drill to it. Drilling contractors need to locate a source of water, however, this may not be possible. The possibility is that you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars for drilling companies to visit your residence, only to end up having no clean water to drink.

Drillers start with a big drill bit. The large drill spins, and pounds the drill bit into the ground. The drill goes into the ground to pierce through rock and limestone bedrock. To lubricate it while drilling, water is brought towards the bottom. Otherwise, it would get too hot and crack or melt.

The large initial drill bit will be removed, then a casing of the well is fitted. The well casing prevents contaminants from getting into the well. The casings are then lined by clay bags to secure it.

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