What Are Cupolas Used For? – Home Repair and Renovation Digest

It is the reason why people utilize to build homes and barns. Over the years the people of all ages have relied on cupolas for clearing their outdoor areas of humidity and heat. This effective method naturally ventilates a space using the stack effect , and also the negative pressure of high winds to draw out the air from the building below.

This works because moving air is less dense than still air. The warmer air gets pushed up and out of the cupolas. The stack effect works in the same way as chimneys pushing hot air away from structures or even homes. Many cupolas have louvered windows that allow daylight. It is possible to close them off during the winter , or even if it’s heavy raining outside in order to keep the moisture as well as the cold.

Not only is a cupola highly functional, but it can also be an appealing architectural component to the appearance of the building. Natural breezes flow through the structure during the warm times and hold in the warmth when it is cold. Cupolas are a great solution to many issues and you should think about getting one for your home today!