I’d like to find out more about EOM parts.

What exactly are OEM Parts?

OEM means initials from Original Equipment Manufacturers. OEM refers to original parts that were created through direct contact with the maker. They can also be produced by a different reputable manufacturer following they were designed by the manufacturer who originally designed the car. However, whatever the case, the manufacturer will ensure that the consumer has access to the original car parts at any time they are required.

Sometimes, people may wonder what makes insurance companies usually a fan of OEM parts and why they ask the customers to pay more for when they demand OEM parts to repair their car. It’s not to say that OEM components are high quality parts for every car.

There are a variety of reasons in not providing OEM components. Insurance companies wish to fix your vehicle to allow you to return to the road. They wish to have the car repaired as swiftly and cost-effectively as they can. They will usually recommend cheap alternative parts because they know the high cost of OEM components. If you are repairing your car, it is important to prioritize EOM components.