Whats on the CTI Certification Test? – Concordia Research

Passing the CTI Certification is the sole option to be able to show evidence of your expertise and abilities as a tile installer. But how does the test function? The video on YouTube “Certified Tile Installer test” illustrates the way people pass the exam and the reasons why you ought to go through this training. Learn more about it.

This test is given by CTEF, the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, which includes both a written component and a hands-on part. The practical portion of the test is responsible for 25 percent of your grade. Practical portion to be considered the rest. In the second, you can see tiny sketches of a tile installation measuring around 25 feet in size. It’s not very complicated, but it is quite small.

The mockup includes the frame made of wood, where students have to install a backer board to the floor. They afterwards, they have to put the tiles. Even though the actual test might not include the exact number of tiles as the mockup, the basic parameters don’t change. After having the backerboard properly positioned with tape, students will install the tile on the wall.

For additional information about CTI certification, please go through the entire video.